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My Network is Your Network

For all your needs pre-purchase or sale and post purchases please feel free to contact any of my personal contacts.


For mortgage pre-approvals and approvals, please contact Jason Higham at Cherry Creek Mortgage. Cherry Creek is a direct lender:
Office: 832-631-6212
Cell: 832-228-5626
Or visit

For property management and our company inventory, please contact Icon Realty:
Office: 281-296-6996
Or visit

For all your AC/Heating needs, please contact Heath Flowers at RHF Mechanical:
Office: 281-468-5181
Or visit 

For all your plumbing services commercial/residential, please contact Shawn Sparks:
Cell: 281-704-9350
Or email

For electrical, painting, flooring, landscaping, carpentry, pool service or any other home related services call me directly for contact information:
Cell: 281-798-7644

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(281) 798-7644

709 Forest Lane Ct, Conroe Tx, 77302